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Reiki Energy Healing 

Nine Signs You Need an Energy Clearing:

  1. You're feeling overly sensitive and easily upset. Your heart feels heavy and you find yourself crying at the littlest things.

  2. You're triggered, irritated, sluggish and tired despite that you're getting enough sleep and eating well.

  3. You feel stiffness and tension in your body that you can't seem to get rid of. It's a nagging dull ache that just won't quit. 

  4. You feel lonely and want to isolate yourself. You've been craving more alone time than usual. 

  5. You're feeling unmotivated and struggling to find clarity.Your goal seems daunting and you're having hard time determining what to do next. 

  6. You haven't been sleeping well or suffering from insomnia. Your dreams have been vivid, waking you up throughout the night. Indicating emotions trying to surface and release from the subconscious. 

  7. You're feeling depleted and your boundaries are being pushed to the limit. You might even be struggling to create healthy boundaries for yourself. 

  8. You feel anxious most of the time.It's hard to manage or pinpoint when it comes on. You feel like a jittery ball of nerves. 

  9. You're struggling to connect with your intuition and higher self. 

What is Reiki Energy Healing ?

Reiki is one of the simplest and intuitive forms of energy healing. It’s a gentle, and powerful hands-on energy technique that uses the Universal Life Force energy around us to heal the mind, body, emotions, and spirit. Reiki energy healing can be can given both in-person and at a distant.

More than five thousand years ago, ancient India, in the Vedas, the oldest recorded commentary of human potential and development, described moving energy in the body and raising our vibrational frequency to facilitate healing and to awaken the consciousness to higher realms. Healing with energy is also depicted in the Bible, ancient Christians, used “laying of the hands” to create miraculous healings.

These practices were not imaginary or magic! Rather they were ( and are) based on the truth that we are “BEINGS OF ENERGY."

Why have a Reiki Energy Healing ?

Often energy can stagnate in the body, especially, where there has been physical injury or even emotional pain causing energetic blockages. Emotions that are essentially (ENERGY IN MOTION) that are not able to be fully acknowledged, understood or even truly felt cannot be processed. These unprocessed emotions then create emotional energetic blockages within you and your subtle energy body, which then manifest in many different ways. For example, many worries, stress, anxiety, restlessness, anger, guilt are all energetic blockages due to unprocessed and unreleased emotions. In time if not healed or dealt with these emotional energy blocks can cause illness and dis-ease. 


Reiki energy healing releases these emotional, energetic blockages as it permeates into every cells of the body, enhancing the flow of Vital Life Force energy. We are more than just our physical bodies. We have our subtle energy body, which is made up of our aura (energy fields), the chakras (energy centers) and the meridians (energy pathways.) Everything is Energy and energy  is constantly flowing into our bodies in each given moment.

Like our physical body that takes in food to nourish it and give it energy, our energy body does the same. The energy fields take energy in, the chakras break it down, and the meridians distribute it throughout the body.

Today scientific research is revealing what ancient practitioners knew long ago. Science is proving the existence of the human energy field.

How does Distant Energy Healing Work ? 

The power of Reiki energy healing surpasses time and space, and it is just as powerful and sacred when performed over distance.

Distance Reiki works because everything is energy and universal life force energy, while light and healing travel great distances. We are all interconnected, as we are all energy matter and part of a larger whole. We can always connect with someone energetically no matter where the person is in the world. For example, have you ever thought of someone randomly and then the person called or texted you out of nowhere? We are always communicating and connecting energetically in one way or another.

Distant Reiki for that reason can be sent to anyone, anywhere, and at any time! Through intention and ancient energy medicine techniques, Michelle has been able to maintain relationships with remote clients all over North America with Google Testimonies to support her work! 

Interested in learning how to heal yourself with Reiki Energy Healing ? Head to Energy Embodied Reiki Academy Page!

Exploring Nature

Reiki Energy Healing

Experience a one hour intuitive Reiki energy healing with chakra alignment and chakra diagnostic. 

A Reiki energy healing treatment will help to clear away old, stagnant, emotional, energetic blockages to relieve one from emotional turmoil, stress, physical pain, mental exhaustion & anxiety. 

Reiki healing additionally helps to align the chakra energy centres within the body, which helps to boost one's overall immune system & health. 

When Reiki energy permeates into the chakra energy centres a person experiences  emotional, mental, & physical healing while expanding one's overall spiritual sense of self.


Please choose from the options below to experience either an in-person reiki energy healing or a remote energy healing. Or scroll to experience a remote Reiki energy healing with a 30 minute Intuitive Tarot Reading included for additional spiritual guidance to align you better with your Soul's path and purpose.  

In-Person Reiki Session

Remote Reiki Session


Remote Reiki Energy Healing with Tarot Reading 

Feeling stress and need some spiritual insight or guidance to your burning questions around love, money, or career ? Treat yourself to a one hour Reiki energy healing with 30 minute Tarot card reading!

Reiki energy healing is a wonderful form of Self-care treatment helping you to relieve stress and anxiety, while enhancing the body's natural healing abilities.


As Reiki permeates into every cells and chakra energy  centre of the body, it will release stagnant and stuck emotional energy, which helps you feel more calm, lighter, and deeper connected to your True Self.

An addition to experiencing an energy healing treatment, receive an intuitive tarot card reading for additional spiritual guidance to help you align deeper with your soul's path and purpose. 

Please note sessions are conducted over Zoom from the comfort of your home. 

DIVE even deeper into your spiritual guidance and experience a Full ONE HOUR Remote Intuitive Tarot Card Reading  ?


My reiki experience with Michelle was deep and gave me the healing that I didn't even know I needed! She is very passionate about what she does and in tune with how to work through what is blocking you and what is holding you back. I would highly recommend her services. She is world class!  -  Arielle Wizman

Michelle uses her natural intuition to guide you in the path that is going to serve you the most. She makes you feel totally comfortable which really allows you to release heavy feelings and get through any blockages. I felt a great at the end of the session and an immense lightness.  I would recommend her services 100%.  -  Yasmine K

I've had 2 excellent distance reiki sessions so far and I am really grateful for both the energetic healing that Michelle is able to provide as well as the super insightful advice and information she can extract to be able to continue progressing in our journey beyond the session. Already booked for the Level 1 training which I am really looking forward to along with more reiki sessions too! Thank you Michelle :)  -  Brian M

Michelle has a natural intuitive ability that reflects in her sessions. I received a powerful first session and intuitive messages that hit very close to home and allowed me to release wounds I'd been holding for a long time. My second session was just as powerful. I'm grateful to now be a student of Michelle's and am inspired by the depth she goes to meet people and guide them towards their higher path. Thank you!  -  Emma Didomenico

I wasn't entirely sure what to expect from Hypnosis but Michelle was very reassuring and warm and made the whole experience worth while!
I have been going to therapy for years but never got the insights I received from one hypnosis session! It was very eye opening and I look forward to seeing her for more! - Andrea DiFabio

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