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"Master your mindset and energy. Awaken your infinite power and expand into your full potential to live a wildly expansive & deeply fulfilling, purpose-driven life."

Michelle Master Reiki Montreal

Michelle Rose

Founder of Energy Embodied, is a licensed Transpersonal Hypnotherapist, Master Neurolinguistic Practitioner, accredited Reiki, Grand Master Teacher, Intuitive Healer, & Spiritual Coach.She helps you reprogram your subconscious mind and unlock the full potential of your True Self to live your most fulfilled, purpose-driven life. She helps to get from where you are to where you desire to be.Her work centers around helping you release emotional, energetic and subconscious blocks that keep you feeling stuck. Her work allows you to connect deeper with yourself and the world and achieve more happiness and overall success. Further, she helps you expand your consciousness and discover your inherent, intuitive gifts.

I help you awaken your infinite power & reach your full potential to live your most fulfilling, abundant, purpose-driven life. I help you embody the energy you want to attract & remove self-limiting beliefs and shift your habits, so you can experience more happiness, better relationships, and true success.

Our culture has been preoccupied with what’s wrong with you and how to fix it. I started Energy Embodied to teach a different message. It has to do with teaching you the truth of who you really are and how to tap into your infinite potential. 

We are pure ENERGY BEINGS!

When you learn to master your ENERGY & MINDSET, you're unstoppable. When you open yourself up to the flow of Life Force energy, you begin to discover a life that effortless and full of creativity. When you align your Subconscious mind with your conscious mind, you truly tap into your power. My work combines a variety of healing modalities like reiki, energy work, hypnosis, intuitive coaching, NLP, past-life regression, reiki meditation, embodiment, mindfulness, all to help you discover your true magnificence and live a life that is expansive, purpose driven and fulfilling. 


Energy Embodied teaches you how to heal, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, but better it will also help you to embrace your own magnificence and the profound truth that there was nothing wrong with you in the first place. I want you to experience this on a very deep level and learn how to express it and live it every day.

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It's time to awaken to your true nature!

"You find peace not be rearranging the circumstances of your life, but rather realizing who you are at the deepest level."

We are ENERGY!

Our matter, mind, emotions, and thoughts are energy.

Our flesh and bones are energy. We are integrated, multidimensional beings made of pure energy. The degree to which you come to know this truth about yourself is the extent to which you either live in pain or in bliss. 


Awakening is realizing that you are in fact pure energy - light. Until any of us have had the experience of a greater reality about ourselves, we can only come at life’s challenging situations from the perception that we are less,  inadequate. We believe there is something missing, wrong, or broken about us. Without knowing a version of ourselves that is indeed perfect, whole, and complete. This is the version I call the Spiritual Soulful Self.


The problem we have as humans isn’t that we are inadequate or broken; our problem is that we believe we are. This fundamental misconception underlies every other problem, dysfunction, and pain we have and even dis-ease. 

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The good news is you don't have to live with this untruth anymore.

Since the beginning of our days on earth, we humans have looked for ways to engage with our true, limitless nature as spiritual beings (our soul, or Soulful Self) and transcend the small, limited, fearful, daunting, pain identity (our ego or Limited Self- Protective Self) where we spend so much of our lives. 

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I want to show you how to start living from your limitless nature!

I'm ready sign me up!

"You will put your success on autopilot when you learn how to turn your subconscious mind on make it work towards a desired state of future." 

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When the Life force energy flows through you, you begin to experience a life that is effortless & full of creativity.

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