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Oracle & Tarot 

Intuitive Readings

 My readings are intuitive, combining both tarot and oracle cards, along with spiritual wisdom to provide you with the most extensive guidance and answers to your most burning questions on love, money, and career. 


About Me

Hello with a warm welcome to you! I'm Michelle Rose, the founder of Energy Embodied. I'm a Reiki Master Teacher, Intuitive Energy Healer, Licensed Transpersonal, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Card Reader, and Spiritual Mentor. 

My life mission is to help you discover your True Self & live your most soul-aligned, purpose-driven life. One of the inherent spiritual lessons here on Earth is to learn how to tune into the wisdom of our hearts and follow that trusted, ancient, inner guidance. You're here on Earth school to evolve your Soul and live your most fulfilling, and expansive life. All the answers you seek are found within you. Spiritual work means healing from within. It's a matter of healing and removing all those emotional, energetic blockages and subconscious limiting beliefs that are preventing you from truly living as your True Self. I help you discover your True Self and unlock your infinite power, so you can embody the energy you want to attract to experience more happiness, better  relationships with yourself and others, and true success.

My work includes helping you with healing modalities like reiki energy healing, hypnosis, meditation, spiritual mentoring, and guidance through intuitive card readings. I don't believe in coincidences. Trust that you have found me for a reason! I am honoured to assist you along your spiritual and emotional healing journey. 


Intuitive Readings

You may ask up to three questions.

Readings are pre-recorded and sent within 72 hours of purchase and range between 30-45 minutes in duration.


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