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Reiki Advanced Practitioner

My Advanced Reiki Practitioner class is designed to truly awaken you and give you a deep understanding of your inner, energetic alchemy. This class will also be beneficial for students wanting to offer reiki energy healing in groups and work  seriously with clients. 

Extensive & advanced Reiki energy healing techniques are taught in this class to help you deeply discover the true, deep, inner essence, of who you are.

You will discover that when Life Force energy flows through you, you experience a life that is effortless & full of creativity. Nothing you lack. A deep knowing that everything you need resides within.

This class will be your best investment in strengthening your own ability to extensively heal from the inside out, transform & empower yourself using Life force energy.

This class is a path to self-mastery & spiritual growth that will always continuously unfold, & heal you.
You will find the deeper purpose of Reiki to truly discover the deeper spiritual realms of who you are.
You will soon discover that Reiki is not only a powerful healing modality, but also a spiritual path & the path to enlightenment.

What will you learn ?


- Third reiki master symbol

-  Secret reiki energy symbols for alignment technique and to seal energy for 48 hours
- Learn to extensively heal each of your chakras & balance them.
- Expand your overall creativity, learn deep womb healing techniques, heal your 2nd & 5th chakra.
- Harmonizing the chakras with an alignment technique & secret energy symbol
- Learn how to perform energy surgery.

- Learn to conduct a group Reiki healing

- Techniques for the healing of Muladahara (the 1st root chakra), related to eros' sexual energy, & Anahata (the 4th heart chakra),
- Techniques for healing of the Swadhisthana (the 2nd Sacral/ Womb chakra)
& Vishuddha (the 5th throat chakra)
- Techniques for the healing of Manipura (the 3rd chakra), & (the 6th third eye chakra)
- Techniques for the healing of Sahasrara (the crown chakra), development of telepathic abilities;

- GIZA FAM secret symbol and its use;

What’s offered here that’s not offered in other Master Classes?

Most Reiki classes to not teach students about the chakras, however my Advance Reiki Practitioner class teaches students an extensive overview of the chakra primary energy centres in the subtle energy body. Students will walk away feeling empowered having gained valuable knowledge to truly advance their reiki practice on themselves and with others. Students will definitely understand in great lengths how to understand their own inner energetic alchemy and energy language of the body.

- Upon completion you will receive a certificate that is recognized from the Canadian Reiki Association.

- Students learn extensive knowledge about the chakras for better understanding of the inner, energetic alchemy of the body, mind, and spirit.

- Students learn secret symbol from Michelle's Reiki Grand Master studies to balance all seven chakras. 

Prerequisites: Levels One, two with certificates to prove certification

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