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Reiki Two

Learn Usui Level Two with Michelle, an accredited & recognized Reiki Grand Master and Teacher with the Canadian Reiki Association.

The second degree Reiki class takes you much deeper into the systems of Reiki energy healing. This experience is incredibly transformational and therapeutic. You will learn about advanced methods of self-healing, emotional release methods, manifesting techniques, distant healing, and how to balance the mind, emotions, and body.

Three reiki symbols will be taught to bring the Universal energy of Reiki into your everyday life in more practical ways and strengthen your ability to heal. You will also learn how to tune into your intuition, send healing energy to people you are not physically with, as well as to past and present events.
Reiki 2 certification allows you to start seeing clients as a Reiki Practitioner once completed. 

Symbols & energetics taught in Usui Reiki 2:

- CKR – Symbol for increasing the capacity of Reiki energy channels
- SHK – Symbol for protection, emotional releases and resolving patterns of behaviour
- HSZSN – Symbol for bridging of time & space, distance Reiki
- Learn to use a crystal grid for healing and manifestation

- Prana breathing for rejuvenation and anti-aging CKR breathing for self-confidence
- Manifestation techniques

Upon completion, you will receive a Second Degree Usui Reiki Certificate from Energy Embodied recognized by the Canadian Reiki Association and Academy of Naturopaths and Naturotherapists of Canada.. The Second Degree Reiki class takes you much deeper into the system of Reiki. Students who become members of the Canadian Reiki Association, receive a membership number and can issue insurance receipts to clients who specifically have "reiki" listed under their insurance plans. 

You will become part of a private Facebook group and community where you will continue to receive support along your Reiki discovery & healing journey.

On going support from Michelle

Location: Training will take place either in the Montreal. Location will announced closer to the date of training.

Prerequisite: Anyone with Reiki 1 from any lineage who has taken an (in-person) training and can present their certificate.

Note: refunds will not be granted. If participants cannot make the training then will be rescheduled to a later training date.

Recognized as 8 hours of training.
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