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A Guide to Understanding your Inner Energetic Alchemy & Healing your Chakras

This e-book is 50 pages long and it's designed to help you understand your inner energetic alchemy and the chakra energy centers. It also provides you with tools and techniques to identify and heal your subconscious limiting beliefs. The book contains valuable knowledge and self-reflective exercises that will help you develop better emotional intelligence. By using these exercises, you can discover and heal your limiting beliefs and achieve mastery for emotional well-being and greater abundance.


We are integrated, multidimensional, spiritual beings made of pure energy.
Awakening is realizing that you are in fact PURE ENERGY! Awakening arrives when you have developed emotional mastery and emotional intelligence. 


As a human being, you have a positive "yang" pole at the top of your head and a negative "yin" pole in your perineum (the base of your spine), as well as smaller yin poles at the bottom of your feet that dip a couple of feet into the ground. 


These poles create an energy field around your body, with stars or concentrations of energy aligned down your spine.These concentrations of energy centers flow down like the descending colours of the rainbow, beginning with violet, and going all the way down to red at the base of the spine.


These internal "stars" are energy centers are called Chakras in the Indian tradition and dantiens in the Chinese tradition. 


Each of the seven major chakras are an essential key part of an energetic matrix within us. While each chakra represents a different archetypal aspect of the human experience, and many of our life lessons are to be learned by harmonizing these centers. Opening them up to receive ample energy flow, expands and raises our vibrational frequency towards spiritual awakening.


This book is packed with knowledge, tools, and techniques to help you deeper understand and connect with yourself, enhance your emotional well-being, happiness, and bring in greater abundance. 



E-Book: A Guide To Understanding Your...

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