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Mon histoire


My most profound and first moment of awakening, and transformative breakthrough happened spontaneously while meditating; where I experienced my essence as an energy being. I could feel my absolute vastness in a light so bright it was brighter than the sunniest day I had ever seen. My body was completely weightless and gone was even my sense of having a body; instead I was a white ray of light that beamed in all directions. There was nowhere to go, nothing to do; I could simply be in all my absoluteness. I felt like pure bliss; pure peace. This experience changed my reality: seeing and experiencing this vastness, I grasped and felt more the concept that we are pure intelligent energy, pure love and wholeness. When I emerged and opened my eyes, I felt lighter, more grounded and whole. I realized that this all-encompassing sense of completeness that I came to experience was in total contrast to how I’d been experiencing myself to date. 

Until any of us experience this sense of a greater, expanded reality about ourselves, we can only come at life’s challenging situations from a limited perspective that we aren’t whole or that we’re inadequate. We believe something is missing from us, wrong, or broken that we need to fix: Without knowing a version of ourselves that is perfect, whole and complete, quite the opposite of broken.

This version of ourselves that I refer to as the Soulful Self or Highest Self. 

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I want you to experience this vastness; this wholeness and love that you are!

This is what you are here on earth for - to discover your Soulful Self; your energetic & spiritual nature; and live here in physical form.  We are here to awaken to our divine magnificence within humanity.

Why I started Energy Embodied

I want to teach souls how to experience this profound alignment & sense of wholeness.  

As students learned Reiki Energy Healing with me and practiced the techniques they began to share their own experiences of how the energy was beginning to transform them and emotionally heal them on some level. I loved seeing how it was helping people awaken to their own ability to shift and manage their emotions and overall energy within, which led to powerful changes in their own lives. 


ALIGNMENT IS EVERYTHING. Your external world is a complete reflection of your internal world. If you want to end painful patterns that keep you stuck in your life, then you need to transform your entire relationship with yourself. You need to look at those unconscious patterns and limiting beliefs within your subconscious too that are holding you back from truly stepping into your full potential and power. When your Subconscious and Unconscious Mind is properly aligned you're unstoppable! I want you to experience this full Alignment and live out your full magnificence. I want you to go from your limiting Fearful Self to your Highest Self.

I want to teach you how to master your mindset and energy, so you can truly live a wildly fulfilling and expansive life completely embodied in your true essence as I refer to as ENERGY EMBODIED!

How has Reiki & Hypnosis Helped Me?

I used to be driven by perfection, lacking a sense of joy, fulfillment and a true self of self. 

My heart, esteem and self worth was broken after an abusive and toxic relationship. 

I struggled with physical endometriosis and injury after a car crash in 2006. Doctors literally told me I likely wouldn’t be able to run again. I had financial struggle, stress and disappointment, comparison, and the inability to let go of the past. I just felt stuck in the same perpetual patterns.I felt like I was unable at times to create the life I truly wanted and felt the loss from my true sense of self. I used to wonder about the meaning of life and felt like my life was an uphill battle. Fearing to embrace uncertainty, trying to control the outcome of how things will happen, rather than trusting the process; and that as long as you master your energy

(mind, body, heart) - the universe takes care of you.

Reiki has literally changed my life.

I no longer suffer from injury or illness. I’ve healed my endometriosis and no longer suffer from pain. I learned to run again by complementing Reiki with Chi Running, realizing the power in working with energy and connecting the mind, breath, and body.

Reiki has helped me tremendously heal on an emotional level. I’ve been able to work through difficult and painful emotions, sabotaging behaviors and limiting beliefs that were holding me back from recognizing my powers and gifts.

 It’s helped me completely transform my career and become the Soulpreneur that I am dedicating my life to helping others step into their power and discover their true essence. 

 Reiki and enhancing the life force energy within me has helped me to embrace the uncertainties of life, trust my process and surrender to play and joy as a lifestyle along the way. Reiki has shifted my entire perspective on life and what is possible for myself and the world around me! It’s enabled me to discover my spiritual gifts and psychic abilities. It’s empowered and transformed me to dedicate my life to teaching others the power of Reiki. 

You don’t have to live life anymore from the perspective of the small, limited, scared & insecure Self. You’ve always known this is not your only choice to live and that’s why you’ve landed on my page, because there has always been this DEEP KNOWING within you that’s there more to you.  

Hypnosis was the final missing piece & total game changer for me.

Through the power of Hypnosis, I was able to reprogram deep seated, subconscious limiting beliefs that I didn't even know existed. I was able to truly break away from unconscious sabotaging behaviours and limiting views of myself that were holding me back, dimming my light and keeping me small. I released the stories that kept me small and came into alignment with my true self, my purpose AND finally felt FULLfilled. My business rose to new levels and I just felt truly empowered! I finally felt like my conscious and subconscious mind where in alignment. Your conscious desires and your subconscious intentions must be in alignment. If your conscious mind wants one thing and your subconscious mind wants something else, it's impossible to create what you truly want. It's simply counter intentional. Hypnosis helped me uncover those deeply hidden pieces of my mind that were holding me back.

"When your conscious mind and subconscious mind are properly aligned, you become unstoppable"

Are you ready to master your Mind & Energy? 

Are you ready to align into your infinite potential & live a wildly expansive & deeply fulfilling life?

A little bit more about me...

I have benefited from learning from accredited teachers all over the world, some of the best.

They provided years of experience in different energy modalities, deep meditation techniques, hypnotherapy, spirituality studies, NLP, ancient Indigenous spirituality methods, mindfulness practices, psychology, and energy consciousness transformations, all of which have allowed me to passionately and successfully help others with proven testimonies of my work. ​

I am a graduate Sociologist from the University of Ottawa with an honours degree at Concordia University with a Minor in Women's. Studies; a fully licensed and qualified NLP Practitioner, and Transpersonal Hypnotist from the University of Toronto for Groups and Clients.

My life events and life partner Bryan Wolf Ear, (an Indigenous member of the Blackfoot Sisikaiwa Tribe)  inspired me to further my studies in Indigenous Spirituality; and learn sacred, ancient healing methods from other Indigenous Elders, that I incorporate into my teaching, healings, and spiritual events.

I am also partnered with an Indigenous, Mohawk owned wellness center in Kahnawake where I work on Wednesdays. I am proud to be a part of the community and welcoming clients who wish to see me on this day to book through Lotus and Sage. Otherwise you may book through this platform to work with me during the other days of the week, except Sundays and alternate Saturdays. 

Think we're a good fit?

Yes! I'm ready to awaken to my true nature. I'm ready to master my Mind & Energy! 

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